Sarah Ball featured in the latest ARD-"KI-Podcast" on AI safety

17 May 2024

How Do I Crack the AI?

Sarah Ball, PhD student and researcher at SODA, recently appeared on an episode of the German ARD's "KI-Podcast." The episode, titled "Wie knacke ich die KI?" ("How Do I Crack the AI?"), aired on May 7th.

"KI-Podcast," hosted by Gregor Schmalzried, Marie Kilg, and Fritz Espenlaub, explores the current impact of artificial intelligence on our daily lives. The episode discussed prompt hacks, jailbreaks, and prompt injections, delving into how these methods manipulate AI models’ safety mechanisms.

Sarah provided insights on prompt "jailbreaking", the goals and principles of AI-models, and the need for safety filters in providing safe access to information. Tune in here to hear more about this engaging discussion on AI and its evolving role in society!