Uncertainty: Sources, Quantification, & Communication

Project Description

Statistics is the science of uncertainty, variability, and heterogeneity. As such, we explore its toolbox, from providing foundational, yet simple frameworks for uncertainty in machine learning (Gruber et al., 2023) to providing computational tools to analyze uncertain data (e.g., in archaeology).

Contact Person

Patrick Oliver Schenk


  • Gruber, C., Schenk, P. O., Schierholz, M., Kreuter, F., Kauermann, G. (2023). Sources of Uncertainty in Machine Learning -- A Statisticians' View. arXiv. https://arxiv.org/abs/2305.16703
  • Schenk, P. O., Reuß, S..Handling and Analyzing Uncertain Data (in Archeology and Beyond)