Research Interests

  • Fairness & Reliability of Machine Learning
  • Critical Data Studies
  • Data Sourcing, Annotation and Citizen Science
  • Accessible Teaching of Statistics
  • Open Science & Open Source Software

Short Description

Jan received his Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Konstanz in Germany, after previously completing a vocational education as a Specialised Computer Scientist in Application Development. In 2021, he received his Master’s Degree in Psychology: Behavioural Data Science at the University of Amsterdam.

In between his Bachelor’s and Master’s, Jan spent a year working at The Music Lab at Harvard University, helping to develop a citizen science website and trying to better understand how we perceive music. He has been working as a web developer alongside his studies and during his time in Amsterdam, he has helped with the development of new analyses for JASP as free and open-source statistics application. Before joining the LMU and returning to academia, Jan was working as a Data Analyst at Picnic, a grocery-delivery startup founded in the Netherlands, where he conducted analyses of the company’s pricing and developed multiple internal tools, dashboards and automations.

Jan’s work typically lies at the intersection of Psychology and Data Science, trying to bring aspects from one into the world of the other. He is part of a project to build an open-source tool to improve the coding of occupations into standard categories and he’s excited about making machine learning and the processes surrounding it easier to understand and more fair in the future.