BERD@NFDI - Re-Using Unstructured Business, Economics, and Related Data in the National Research Data Infrastructure

Project Description

BERD@NFDI is a research data infrastructure dedicated to transforming the way Business, Economic, and Related Data are managed. Focusing on unstructured data, such as images, videos, audio, and text files, we provide a comprehensive suite of services and tools. These services will be built into a robust, unified platform set to launch in 2024.

Simply providing a space for data sharing is not enough. In our task area, “Re-Using BERD”, we offer tailored training to the central target groups of BERD@NFDI in order to support them in (re)using the relevant data through the BERD Academy. We are creating the organizational, legal and technical conditions for potential users of the BERD platform to be able to use the desired services without unnecessary barriers, ensuring maximum dissemination and discoverability of data.

Contact Person

Dr. Wiebke Weber