Olga Kononykhina

Office address:

Ludwigstr. 33

80539 Munich

Short Description

Olga Kononykhina is a a quantitative sociologist and a data scientist. She has joined LMU to gain her PhD and is working to invent “Tinder for Jobs” - New Methods for Job and Occupation Classification.

For the past 14 years she has been working on major national and international data-driven research projects in the fields of

  • Business and society, sustainable transformation (Monitor Unternehmensengagement, ZiviZ gGmbH, Arbeitsmarkintegration, JP Morgan, Nigerian Corporate Governance Index, Business Action Against Corruption Africa)

  • Civil society (Engagement barometer ZiviZ gGmbH, Civil Society Enabling Environment Index CIVICUS, Civil Society Index CIVICUS, Global Civil Society Index HSoG, Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project John’s Hopkins University, Civil Society Monitor NRU-HSE),
  • Governance (Berggruen Index of Governance – UCLA/Hertie School of Governance , European Governance Monitor - Dahrendorf Forum, The Governance Report - HSoG; Good Governance Index – CoE, Berggruen Index of Governance - HSoG)

Answering the following questions:

  • What is the role of business in society
  • How business is engaged in sustainable transformation
  • How to measure performance of public institutions and compare it in between countries,
  • What are the drivers of good governance,
  • What is a cultural diversity and how to measure it,
  • How to measure impact/value of projects,
  • How culture can drive democratic development,
  • How to define and measure enabling environment for civil society,
  • What is a critical capacity of a non-profit sector and how one can measure it etc.

She is proficient in R, Shiny apps, vague concepts operationalization, indices/indicators development, data visualizations. She has taught courses in data analysis, text analysis, cluster analysis, foundations of probability theory for social scientists.

She has worked in academia (Hertie School of Governance, Germany; CSI Heidelberg University, Germany; John’s Hopkins University, USA; NRU-HSE, Russia); non-profit sector (CIVICUS, South Africa); and collaborated with various organisations (including UNESCO, Council of Europe, Goethe Institut, British Council). She holds BS in Sociology and MS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

She continues working part time at ZiviZ gGmbH as a data scientist and is involved in data consulting projects. Her full portfolio can be found at www.bettermeasured.world